Directorate of Employment

The Director of Employment is the head of the Employment Organization in the State. It is basically a regulatory body that ensures effectiveness of work, implementation of policy & procedures and takes appropriate action to bring about necessary improvements in the employment scenario. Broadly with four Sections i.e. Vocational Guidance Section, Exchange Section, Employment Market Information Section and Occupational Information Section the Employment Exchange present in different pockets of the State carry out the job of registration, Submission and Placement, Vocational Guidance, Collection and Compilation of Employment Market Information, Interpretation of Statistical Data etc.. Verification of records of establishments under the provision of the Employment Exchange (Compulsory Notification of vacancy) Act 1959 and Rule 1960/- also forms one of the key activities.

Special Employment Exchanges have been set up at Bhubaneswar for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe persons and for Physically Handicapped persons. Similarly one State Employment Exchange is also functioning for post-graduates and professional categories of candidates.


Broadly the main primary routine activities are:

  1. Registration of  names of applicant for placement assistance
  2. Submission / sponsorship of names against notified vacancies.
  3. Vocational Guidance for unemployed youth for employment / self-employment
  4. Collection and Compilation of Employment Market Information and verification of Records of Establishments under the provisions of CNV Act.1959.

The Department registers eligible persons to sponsor names of candidates to employers, enforces the Act by way of inspection of different establishments i.e. Private and Public Sector organizations and promotes awareness of employment/self-employment activities among prospective candidates.

Emphasis is given on creating awareness among job seekers to take up Self Employment with the help of District Industries Centres. DRDA etc

For successful Organisation of Recruitment Rallies for Defence & Para-Military Services logistic support is being extended by the State Government by providing accommodation to the recruiting team, transport facilities Medical cover, maintenance of Law and order etc. Massive Publicity measures are taken up in the remote areas of the State through different agencies in order to ensure maximum representation. Apart from the publicity made through print and electronic media, intimations are sent to all Panchayats. A standard operating procedure has been formulated for smooth organization of these rallies.

The organization has been providing Vocational Guidance to job seekers and student through Career Talks, Career Conferences, Career Exhibitions, publication of career bulletins, dissemination of information on different careers and self employment ventures etc. To promote Vocational Guidance activities in the State, 22 Model Career Corners (in Women’s College and in Girl’s High Schools in backward & Tribal dominated districts and 12 Students’ Information Bureaus (in leading colleges of the State) have been set up. Spoken English classes are being taken up to improve communication skill of the Students.


The subject Employment is in the Concurrent List and it is therefore the dual responsibility of the Centre and the State to implement it. Hence, the Central Govt. policies are implemented by all the States and Union Territories as far as Employment Service is concerned. The Primary objective of the Employment Organisation is to bridge the gap between the Employers and job-seekers.

Employment Exchanges apart from functioning as the agency for placement, the other related activities such as  registration of names of candidates and submission of names against vacancies notified to it are also carried out in the premises of employment exchanges. It is also responsible for the Collection of statistical report / return relating to any employment and unemployment and implement various programmes concerning Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling, Employment Market Information etc.

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