Employment Organization in Odisha works under the direct supervision of the Department of Employment & Technical Education & Training Govt. of Odisha. Under the Directorate of Employment, Odisha eighty (80) offices are functioning at different levels. There are thirty(30) Dist. Employment Exchanges, five(5) Special Employment Exchanges, one (1) State Employment Exchange(Professional & Executive), four (4) University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaus, thirty three(33) Employment Sub-Offices and seven(7) Rural Employment Bureaus. The Director of Employment is the head of the Employment Organization in the State. It is basically a regulatory body that ensures effectiveness of work, implementation of policy and procedures and takes appropriate action to bring about necessary improvements in the employment scenario. The Employment Exchanges operating in different pockets of the State carry out the job of Registration, Submission, Placement, Vocational Guidance, along with Collection and Compilation of Employment Market Information data, Interpretation of Statistical Data and Verification of records of establishments under the provisions of the Employment Exchanges Compulsory Notification of Vacancies Act.1959 and Rules, 1960.