State Council for technical educational & vocational training

Dissemination of Employment related Information and Assistance to Job –Seekers.

In each District Employment Exchange, there is one Vocational Guidance unit which caters necessary career information relating to professional studies, training facilities and job opportunities to the visiting unemployed youth and their parents / guardians. Information Brochures and Booklets on various careers published by DGE & T, Ministry of Labour is also available in each Employment Exchange and at times referred to by the visiting youth. University Employment Information & Guidance Bureaus also publish career bulletins at regular intervals.

Recruitment in Defense and Para Military Services.

Lack of salaried job opportunities in the organized sector has become the key concern of the State and hence there is an effort to explore alternate avenues. Defence and Para-Military Forces have a large opening for the jobseekers. For successful organization of Recruitment Rallies, logistic support is provided to the Recruiting Team with the assistance of district administration. Generally accommodation, transport, drinking water, medical cover, law and other arrangements etc are provided during the Recruitment Rallies.

Advertisements from Defence and Central Para Military Forces are received in advance for making adequate publicity and arrangements for Recruitment Rallies. Measures are taken to cover the remote areas of the State through various modes of publicity. At the local level, publicity measures are undertaken by the concerned District Employment Officers who display banners and posters at prominent places of their district.

Similarly, all possible logistics support is provided to ‘9’ Airmen Selection Centre, Bhubaneswar for recruitment to Air Force whenever they organize recruitment tests and conduct educational and motivational programmes in schools and colleges.

As per the reports received 902 numbers of candidates have been selected during 2008-09, 1713 candidates during the 2009-10, and 1679 numbers of candidates have been selected during 2010-11 in Defence Services. During the year 2008, 2009 and 2010 in Para-Military Services 635, 1144 and 346 candidates were selected respectively.

Setting up of Students’ Information Bureaus and Model Career Corners in Schools and Colleges of  the State.

This organization has been providing Vocational Guidance to job seekers and students through Career Talks, Career Conferences, Career Exhibitions, publications of vocational guidance bulletins, dissemination of information on different careers and self-employment ventures etc. To promote Vocational Guidance activities in the State 22 Model Career Corners (in Women’s College and in Girl’s High Schools in tribally dominated and backward districts) and 12 Students’ information Bureaus (in leading colleges of the State) have been set up. As per reports available 8848 numbers of students utilized the Students Information Bureaus and 9388 students utilized the Model Career Corners in the year 2010.

Function of Vocational Guidance Units

For dissemination of information and to bring about awareness among the students and jobseekers of the State, the functions of Vocational Guidance Units cover the following areas of guidance activities:

  1. To provide individual information & to assist the jobseekers in choosing their careers.
  2. Collection and compilation of occupational information with a view to disseminate this information to the needy jobseekers, educational institutions, parents and teachers.
  3. To provide career information, career literatures, posters highlighting various job opportunities and publishing career bulletins for the benefit of the jobseekers.
  4. To organize Career Talks, Career Conferences, Career Exhibitions etc. in educational institutions on different careers and self-employment ventures.

Details of the Vocational Guidance activities of the State are given below:


# Item 2008 2009 2010
1. No. of persons received individual information 24,978 22,157 12,188
2. No. of applicants received Guidance at the time of registration 28,126 20,815 15,008
3. No. of Group Discussion conducted 4,112 3,155 1,246
4. No. of candidates attended Group Discussion 14,903 12,218 1,875
5. No. of Career talks given in Schools and Colleges 635 235 714
6. No. of applications forwarded for apprenticeship 1,663 1,514 548
7. No. of Career Conference organised 145 48 47
8. No. of Awareness Camp on Self Employment 15 15 15
9 No. of Students utilized in Students’ Information  Bureaus 19,915 23,218 8.848
10 No. of Students utilized in Model Career Corners 15,506 19,368 9, 388

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